Our Members

We’re building collaborations for conservation
At WHC, we partner with corporations, their employees, fellow conservation organizations, government agencies and community members to recognize and encourage wildlife habitat projects for conservation, education and recreation.

Our members lead the way
WHC members are environmental leaders at local, national and global levels, voluntarily managing their lands to support sustainable ecosystems and the communities that surround them.

Interested in membership?
Contact Daniel Litow for more information.

Membership rates are based on the type and size of the organization. Contact us for more information.

Corporations 1 year 3 years*
Revenue exceeds $10 billion $15,000 $40,500
Revenue between $501 million – $10 billion $10,000 $27,000
Revenue between $5-$500 million $3,000 $8,100
Revenue less than $5 million $1,500 $4,050
Conservation Organizations
National $900
Local $70
Other Non-profits, Trade Associations &
Government Agencies
National $2,500 $6,750
State/Local $450 $1,215

All fees are in USD ($)
*10% discount offered for 3-year memberships