Application and Review Process

How to apply
Applications may be submitted through our online application any time during the calendar year. Please note the following dates for 2017:

  • July 15   |   Deadline to submit applications (and pay application fee) to be eligible for 2017 WHC Awards   |   Deadline to submit appeals to be eligible for 2017 WHC Awards.
  • August 25   |   Decisions on Appeals submitted by July 15 will be finalized.
  • September  10   |   2017 WHC Award nominees announced.
  • November  9-10   |   2017 WHC Awards presented at 2017 the Conservation Conference.
  • December  31   |   Deadline to submit applications (and pay application fee) to maintain certification status. (For programs whose certification is expiring on Dec. 31, 2017.)
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USD 250 per new program registration**
USD 1,000 per application for members
USD 2,000 per application for non-members

Review process
All applications are reviewed individually against criteria specific to the project theme. These criteria were developed with technical expert and stakeholder input. If a program does not qualify for certification, an organization may appeal.


  1. Each project is given points based on its contribution to conservation and education impacts and corporate commitment.
  2. Each project is classified based on the how project meets key requirements. Projects are designated as “Qualifying”, “Contributing” or “Early.” If a project is “Qualifying,” the program is certified.  A “Contributing” project provides points. An “Early” project is often improved in later years.
  3. The program score is the sum total of all project scores.

Detailed information about the application and review process can be found in the following documents
Appeal Procedures
Program Summary Sheet
Reviewer Guidance
Review Procedures and Scoring
Scoring Sheets (.zip file)

**Fees may change at the beginning of any calendar year. Existing programs, including Wildlife at Work and Corporate Lands for Learning programs that have not expired, are not charged a registration fee. Programs that utilize WHC strategy and planning services before registering online may have their registration fee waived. Contact your WHC relationship manager or email us.

For more information contact   |   301.588.8664 x3

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