Application and Review Process

How to apply
Applications may be submitted through our online application any time during the calendar year.
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Applications must have at least one qualifying project*
Qualifying projects:
1. Are locally appropriate
2. Exceed regulatory requirements
3. Have a conservation or conservation education objective
4. Provide conservation or education value
5. Have documented measurable outcomes

Certification Fees
USD 250 per new program registration**
USD 1,000 per application for members
USD 2,000 per application for non-members

2018 Certification Deadlines
July 15  
|   Deadline to submit application and application fee to be eligible for 2018 WHC Awards
December  31   |   Deadline to submit application and application fee for consideration in 2018. Programs whose certification       is expiring on Dec. 31, 2018 must apply by this date to maintain certification.

Review process
Reviews are conducted by external reviewers. Reviewers follow specific procedures and guidance (see Review Procedures and Guidance). All projects in an application are reviewed against certain criteria specific to the project type.
Evaluation of Applications

Each project is scored with a project specific Scoring Sheet and the project scores are summarized in an overall Program Summary Sheet (see Scoring Sheets). The scoring criteria were developed with technical expert and stakeholder input.
Scoring Sheets (.zip file)

If a program is not certified following the initial review, the applicant may submit an appeal with additional/clarifying information within 30 days using the provided Appeal Sheet. The appeal will then be re-reviewed (see Appeal Procedures).
Appeal Procedures

*A qualifying Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) project can also qualify a program for certification.
**Fees may change at the beginning of any calendar year. Existing programs are not charged a registration fee. Programs that utilize WHC strategy and planning services before registering online may have their registration fee waived. Contact your WHC relationship manager or email us.

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