Certification Application Questions – What’s New and Different?

Ideal for teams participating in new or existing programs, corporate resources supporting multiple programs, and those involved in filling out the application. The new certification application questions are different from what we’ve asked in the past. We’ve added new questions and revamped familiar one into a new format – all these changes help to better track positive conservation outcomes. This webinar will focus on new and revised application questions, and provide you with the information you need to accurately describe your projects and complete your application. Topics discussed will include:

  • Review of reformulated minimum requirements
  • New application questions related to goals, monitoring, and alignments, to name a few
  • Getting familiar with the updated language and format of common questions
  • New recognition categories

This webinar is third in a series of three webinars. Before taking this webinar, we recommend, but not require, that you view Conservation Certification Website 101 (available on-demand), and Translating CLL and WaW into Conservation Certification Programs (available on-demand)

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