The Value and Beauty of Birds: Creating Successful Habitat Programs with a Focus on Birds

Birds are found in nearly every type of habitat, have been well-studied throughout history, are easy to see and, let’s face it, fun to watch! More importantly, birds are valuable ecological indicators of environmental health. Wildlife Habitat Council Director of the Southwest Region, Sumita Prasad, collaborate with Carol Jones of the Gulf Coast Bird Observatory, and Janice Waldron of The Dow Chemical Company, for the online course focusing on why and how to monitor birds for your Wildlife at Work and Corporate Lands for Learning SM programs. The course discusses typical programs that benefit bird species, as well as bird surveying techniques that can be used to monitor habitat projects. Participants will also learn how novice bird-watchers can effectively implement bird monitoring and leverage the benefit and expertise of partnerships with other organizations.

To view this webinar, please contact Michael Shaw.

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