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From Al Gore to Solyndra, 4 ways culture shapes the climate debate - Fri, 27 Feb 15 0
Embedded within the economic and technological challenges apparent in the debate over climate change are much deeper cultural divides.

Lawmakers heat up debate on climate change, Keystone and clean water - Fri, 27 Feb 15 0
Are you up-to-date on what the current Congress is doing for (or to) businesses? Here's where three major issues stand.

How floating farms could help feed 9 billion people sustainably - Fri, 27 Feb 15 0
It sounds crazy, but self-sufficient communities in the middle of the ocean could help relieve the pressures of a rapidly-growing global population.

PR giant Edelman cuts ties with oil industry - Fri, 27 Feb 15 0
World's largest public relations firm walks away from the gas and oil industry, including the $327 million American Petroleum Institute account.

SunEdison donates $5 million to train low-income workers on solar jobs - Fri, 27 Feb 15 0
In this powerful team-up, non-profit GRID Alternatives will use SunEd's cash and panel donations to get 4,000 low-income workers installing solar.

How the Internet of Things illuminates new ways to pay for energy - Thu, 26 Feb 15 0
Meet the Silicon Valley startup looking to change the math for businesses interested in increasing energy efficiency with new tech tools.

5 top climate challenges for Capitol Hill — and how business can help - Thu, 26 Feb 15 0
Leaders from business, government, academia and the non-profit community met in the nation’s capital for the Climate Leadership Conference this week. These were the action items.

Why care about conflict minerals? Customers and investors do - Thu, 26 Feb 15 0
Far-away raw materials may seem like a simple cog in the supply chain for large businesses, but blatant human rights abuses are both ethically and financially volatile.

Investor Q&A: Why the Rockefeller Brothers Fund is divesting from fossil fuels - Thu, 26 Feb 15 0
It might seem odd for a foundation built on oil to shift its money away from the industry — here's why it made financial sense to switch gears.

Mars, Nestlé and Asda plant business case for protecting nature - Thu, 26 Feb 15 0
Investing in natural capital such as water, soils and biodiversity limits risk and can drive profitability, leading companies say.