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A visit to Abu Dhabi's solar CSP Hybrid Power Plant - Fri, 23 Jan 15 1
An oil-rich country develops a hybrid solar-natural gas plant.

100 most sustainable multibillion-dollar companies revealed in Davos - Fri, 23 Jan 15 0
Biogen, Allergan, Adidas, Keppel Land and Kesko rank among the world's most sustainable companies. Who joined them?

Unilever, Coca-Cola, Levi's: 11 inspiring supply chain partnerships - Fri, 23 Jan 15 0
From award-winning collaborations to just-got-off-the-ground endeavors, a round up of promising partnerships in a hot sustainability field.

JetBlue's secret for sustainability liftoff: People - Fri, 23 Jan 15 0
JetBlue still believes that treating people well affects profits. That includes protecting ecosystems to benefit communities.

'What if…?' questions for 2015 pave the path to a better future - Thu, 22 Jan 15 0
Companies can forge ahead with the groundwork laid by leaders such as GSK, Nike, Tesla, Unilever and Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Johnson & Johnson targets supply chain for health care sustainability - Thu, 22 Jan 15 0
The pharmaceutical giant's czar of all things health, safety and sustainability talks overhauling supply chains.

Vehicle-mounted cameras see when buildings leak energy - Thu, 22 Jan 15 0
Essess, an MIT spin-off, automates thermal imaging on a very large scale. Its innovation is spurring the interest of utilities, government agencies and the military.

5 reasons why companies should invest in climate resilience now - Thu, 22 Jan 15 0
From low-carbon investments to adaptation, companies can take many steps to address climate change and manage its risks.

Solar industry added 31,000 jobs last year, census finds - Thu, 22 Jan 15 0
The solar workforce grew by nearly 22 percent last year and now includes nearly half as many employees as all fossil fuel industries combined, the Solar Foundation finds.

The new GHG Protocol: What you need to report now - Wed, 21 Jan 15 0
With Google, Apple, Mars and EDF Energy, the World Resources Institute developed this new standard for reporting emissions from purchased electricity.