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Beyond earthquakes and inequality, Oakland’s quest for resilience - Tue, 31 Mar 15 0
How a city undergoing rapid economic and social change is taking on challenges such as rising sea levels, earthquakes and an influx of new development.

4 inspirations for sustainable transport from Rio de Janeiro - Tue, 31 Mar 15 0
Better bike access, bus transit, cable cars and a central control center make this Brazilian city one to watch—and not just for the 2016 Olympics.

Is Walmart selling unsustainable products from 'sustainability leaders'? - Tue, 31 Mar 15 0
Walmart's Sustainability Leaders program can confuse customers into believing some very unsustainable products are environmentally friendly, says Seventh Generation's former CEO.

A new utility business model profitably embraces efficiency and solar - Tue, 31 Mar 15 0
The integrated utility services model is part of Fort Collins Utilities’ success. Here’s how it works.

7 tips on selling energy efficiency to senior management - Tue, 31 Mar 15 0
Choose the right time and language, and you'll have a better chance of persuading senior management to buy into your energy strategy.

Can nature unlock the potential of additive manufacturing? - Mon, 30 Mar 15 1
Recent developments in chemistry may have taken us closer to the Holy Grail of finding a universal kit of parts with which to "print" our world.

These robots take a shine to cleaning solar panels waterlessly - Mon, 30 Mar 15 0
Israeli startup Ecoppia’s technology, now cleaning 6 million solar panels per month, removes dirt and dust that can interfere with energy production.

Creating the purpose economy starts with your workforce - Mon, 30 Mar 15 0
Imperative CEO Aaron Hurst talks about why giving employees a higher purpose increases engagement and productivity.

'Alarm bells should be ringing' for coal companies and investors - Mon, 30 Mar 15 0
New Carbon Tracker analysis highlights a spate of bankrupticies in coal sector as sign of things to come for fossil fuels.

How Marks & Spencer is cooking its way to a cleaner future - Mon, 30 Mar 15 0
Going beyond greening its own operations, the British retailer committed to raise awareness of clean cooking , including within its supply chain.