Corporate Services

Incorporating habitat improvements, biodiversity and conservation awareness into corporate land planning and management can be a successful approach to promoting environmental stewardship and sustainability.

The WHC Conservation Strategy and Planning team collaborates with members to create comprehensive conservation strategies that meet companies’ environmental performance, sustainability, employee engagement and community relations goals. With the guidance of WHC, companies can choose to adopt company-wide, regional or operations-focused strategies.

Each of these strategies can serve as either a starting point to implementing conservation programs or, for existing programs, can be used as a guide for continuous improvement and enhancement. WHC recommendations are based on the concept that a variety of conservation activities carried out through a clear, company-wide strategy can have significantly positive environmental outcomes, with benefits reaching far beyond the site location.

The most common corporate strategy involves the development of an overarching theme, a specific conservation topic guiding the site-level implementation of projects. Under this strategy, each facility is given flexibility to develop a program meeting local community needs, while providing standardized data and outcomes that can be reported at the corporate level.
Regional conservation strategies have the advantage of addressing conservation needs in more detail, due to the availability of finer scale data. Under the regional conservation strategy, locations are prioritized based on their return on “conservation investment.”
Developing a strategy around a type of operations, a set of practices, or at a certain stage in the cycle of conservation activities, can be an efficient way for some companies to advance conservation and provide more consistent outcomes. This strategy can be linked to remediation, integrated vegetation management or land reclamation. Highly replicable, this approach offers focuses on the reliability of implementation and outcomes.

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