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Corporate Lands for Learning Guidebook
The Corporate Lands for Learning (CLL) Guidebook is the Wildlife Habitat Council’s comprehensive guide for opening private resources to public environmental education. This resource, geared particularly to corporate sites, guides the private landowner through the process of developing an education program uniquely tailored to the opportunities at the site and the needs of the local community. It includes step by step guidance for program creation and implementation as well as case studies, lesson planning tips, and sample program planning worksheets and evaluation forms.

To obtain a copy of Corporate Lands for Learning Guidebook: Opening Private Resources to Public Education (2006) please contact the Education & Outreach staff at 301-588-8994 ext. 118.

Beginning Your CLL Project
There are several key issues to consider when hosting education activities in your wildlife habitat: fundamental infrastructure facilities to support visitors, building an interpretive trail or providing access to a natural study area, and liability and safety issues as visitors use your site as an outdoor learning laboratory.

Planning an Effective Outdoor Lesson in the Corporate Habitat
Environmental education goes well beyond outdoor activities. At its best, it includes detailed discussion and analysis in the classroom before and after students visit the site. On-site activities should relate directly to the learners’ needs and interests and reinforce concepts covered in the classroom. The best environmental education materials are correlated with state and national education standards so that teachers are assured that the lesson will move students’ knowledge and understanding forward, building a proficiency in key concepts and skills.

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