Conservation Education Sites

A Pathway Towards Corporate Lands for Learning Certification

Wildlife Habitat Council sites can register as a Conservation Education Site (CES) as an introductory stage to certification as a Corporate Lands for Learning (CLL). CES registration provides recognition of existing programs while placing your team on track for CLL certification as WHC staff assists you in meeting eligibility criteria. Sites may register for a total of three consecutive years as a CES. For more information, contact WHC’s Director of Conservation Education and Outreach or download the registration form.

Already A CES ? Renew today.

Click to download a list of current WHC Conservation Education sites who are working towards Corporate Lands for Learning certification status:

By registering, corporate sites receive:

  • Confirmation document from WHC
  • Subscription to the WHC Education and Outreach electronic newsletter, Education Works, which features CLL and CES case studies and tips on improving program offerings; and
  • Invitations to regional education conferences held by WHC.

CES registration is open to WHC member sites that sponsor or organize educational programs or events in the following categories:

  • Wildlife or environmental studies
  • Resources management and/or conservation
  • Science, math or technology related to the environment
  • Visual arts, literature/writing events related to the environment; and
  • Special events, such as Earth Day, Arbor Day, International Migratory Bird Day, nature walks or bird counts.