Wings of Wonder

Wings of Wonder When Learning Takes Flight (SM)

Wings of Wonder is a site-based environmental education program developed by and for Corporate Lands for Learning programs. This unique inquiry-based education program explores migratory wildlife, such as birds and butterflies, and can be customized to any certified program that provides habitat for birds, monarch butterflies or other migratory wildlife. By studying the local environment, students can connect to the global ecosystem and communicate with young scientists at other CLLprograms

New Resource for Pollinator Education

Pollinator gardens are popular habitat enhancement projects and are excellent platforms for teaching about adaptations, interdependence, anatomy, and more. However, while many Wildlife at WorkSM and Corporate Lands for LearningSM teams offer tours of their pollinator gardens, fewer have taken the step of using gardens to their full educational potential by offering hands-on study opportunities. For teams that want to move forward but aren’t sure where to start or are wary of the time commitment involved in developing lessons, the Bee Smart™ School Garden Kit can be used to integrate high quality lessons into any pollinator education experience.

The Kit, a new resource from the Pollinator Partnership, the largest organization dedicated to pollinator health, supports teachers, administrators, guardians, youth groups, after school programs, amongst others, in guiding students through a discovery process that will increase students’ understanding in science, math, and language arts by connecting them to plants, pollinators, food, and gardens by (potentially) creating habitat for pollinators.  Each Kit has components that can be used at school, at home, and online to maximize the learning experience.

The Kit includes 10 lesson plans with accompanying student worksheets, a habitat assessment notebook, milkweed and coneflower seeds, a bee block, materials such as pipe-cleaners for hands-on activities, and pre- and post-assessment forms to measure students’ learning. Lessons are geared toward learners aged 8-11 years (grades 3-6) but can easily be modified to suit students of all ages (contact WHC’s education specialists for assistance).

The Kit is offered for a donation of $150 or more to the Pollinator Partnership. Visit to learn more.


Do you already have pollinator friendly habitat on site? If your site practices exemplary pollinator friendly habitat management practices, consider applying for the NAPPC WHC Pollinator Protection Award.