Management Plans

A tailored and well-rounded management plan is the foundation of a successful Wildlife at Work program. The Council’s staff biologists and educators work with sites to design programs that meet the needs of the site, the company and the local ecology and community.

New Beginnings Girl ScoutsWorking with Bridgestone and community partners, the Council created three management plans that guide the activities undertaken at New Beginnings – The Woodlawn Wildlife Area.

Management Plans:

Wildlife Management Plan

Invasive Non-Native Plant Management Guideline

Forest Stewardship Plan – Developed in January, 2001, the continued implementation of this plan has allowed New Beginnings to enrol in the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Stewardship Program. Read more about this initiative.

While each plan is specific to a site, you may be able to gain new ideas from the New Beginnings plans. Download any of the PDFs to learn more or contact the Council to get started on your site’s management plan.