Wildlife at Work

The Wildlife Habitat Council’s Wildlife at Work program provides a structure for corporate-driven cooperative efforts between management, employees and community members to create, conserve and restore wildlife habitats on corporate lands.


Photo courtesy of Ontario Power Generation.

Wildlife at Work programs are voluntary efforts that exceed regulatory requirements. Projects vary in scope from large scale prairie and wetland restoration, to individual species management and native planting projects. These programs emphasize community involvement in habitat projects by collaborating with local teachers and students, Scout groups, Master Gardeners and other community members.

Diverse avenues for continued development are available for habitat programs and opportunities to link local restoration efforts with national programs. Our collaborative partnerships with conservation groups, industry organizations and federal agencies offer a commitment to land stewardship. WHC also works frequently within Canada, Central and South America, Europe and Southeast Asia to promote increased integration of global sustainability to protect Earth’s biological diversity.

Programs established for at least one year are eligible to apply for certification through WHC’s Corporate Wildlife Habitat Certification/International Accreditation Program.

For more information, contact WHC to speak with a professional wildlife biologist for your area.