Corporate Homes for Wildlife Calendar

  2015 Calendar Photo of the Week 

August 24 – August 30

Corporate Partner: CEMEX; Location: FEC Quarry, Florida; Photo by Devon Ceppocte.

The Florida scrub lizard (Sceloporus woodi) is a small lizard occurring exclusively in Florida. These lizards live in dry upland areas, particularly areas that have been kept open by fire or other disturbances. They are active on warm days throughout the year and can often be seen foraging on the ground, perching on the bases of tree trunks, and sunning themselves on logs or other debris. Corporate Partner: CEMEX; Location: FEC Quarry, Florida; Photo by Devon Ceppocte.

Explore the diversity of wildlife imitating art in the Corporate Homes for Wildlife Calendar, and bask in the magic of each season. This weekly calendar features beautiful images that showcase the impressive efforts being undertaken on behalf of wildlife on corporate facilities.

View an incredible diversity of migratory bird species, colorful wildflowers, pollinating insects, reptiles and unique mammals spotted on sites across the United States and beyond. We travel to new exotic locales, including Indonesia and South America. Each project demonstrates an exceptional commitment to sustaining native species and wildlife populations. And it’s our volunteers and employee wildlife team members who take these stunning photographs. Participate in the next calendar – some highlights of the calendar include:

  • A new photograph each week of the wildlife that finds a home on your land.
  • An easy-to-read format with large dates and plenty of writing space.
  • Increased public awareness of your programs. The calendar finds its way every year to offices on Capitol Hill and federal agencies.
  • The calendar is distributed worldwide each year to more than 10,000 corporate customers, vendors, employees and community members.
  • Great marketing potential. Share the calendar with your employees, clients, vendors and community partners and show examples of the great work being done on corporate land to enhance critical wildlife habitat.
  • With each page purchased, you will receive 150 free copies of the Calendar.
  • All federal observances and important environmental celebrations are included like International Migratory Bird Day plus many international holidays for our members overseas.