Ecosystem Services Program

Ecosystem Services ProgramThe Wildlife Habitat Council has long worked with its members to better manage habitat and other ecosystem services. Companies rely heavily on natural resources for everyday operations, but the availability of these resources is often taken for granted. As with other goods and services, ecosystem services are highly valuable. The ecosystem services model applies measurable values to these services to encourage and quantify sustainable management.

The importance of taking a holistic approach to natural resource management has created new ecosystem service valuation tools and evolving markets based on those values. To ensure that these natural resources continue to be available to wildlife, communities and companies alike, it is important to manage for them now to avoid excessive cost increases in the future.

Through the Ecosystem Services Working Group, the annual Ecosystem Services on Corporate Lands conference, and in cooperation with other partner groups, WHC is developing methods to integrate them into existing WHC programs. Ecosystem service awareness fits in to a company’s triple bottom line and benefits global biodiversity.