Ecosystem Services Pilot Sites

The ability to break down complex environmental concerns into terms understood by all decision makers presents greater opportunities to implement effective natural resource and wildlife habitat management programs and reduce costs on private and public properties.

The Council and the Working Group are in the process of implementing valuation tools and methodologies on corporate pilot sites. Existing pilot sites can be found below. The Working Group is also looking for additional facilities to serve as pilot sites. Ideal pilot sites should meet the following criteria:

• A site of strategic importance to the company;
• Location approximate to a community that uses ecosystem services present on the land; and
• Significant areas of the property without infrastructure.

If interested in submitting one of your properties as an Ecosystem Services Pilot Site, please contact WHC Ecosystem Services Program Manager Jeff Popp. Check back for more information as additional pilot sites are developed.

Pilot Sites:

Lafarge Presque Isle Coyote

Photo courtesy of Lafarge.

Presque Isle Quarry
Presque Isle, MI

The 5,000-acre Presque Isle Quarry is located on the western shore of Lake Huron in Michigan. Lafarge made a commitment to establish biodiversity management plans at its quarry sites, annually monitor the sites and report the status of implementation in Lafarge’s Sustainability Report. Additionally, Lafarge is working to adapt ecosystem services modeling tools to suit business purposes, and enhance ecological biodiversity. The ecosystem services of the site will be evaluated over the next year in cooperation with the World Wildlife Federation, World Resources Institute and WHC.

Through their work with WHC, the site’s wildlife team focuses on an extensive nest box program and monitoring, food plot creation and turkey habitat enhancement. The dedicated Educational Advisory Committee successfully developed programs that meet the education needs of partnering community groups.

The project will assess various ecosystem services models on their usefulness in improving biodiversity management and land use planning by Lafarge and other corporate landholders. The implementation of these models will further Lafarge’s efforts to cost effectively and more efficiently manage ecosystem services opportunities at Aggregates & Concrete (A&C) sites and help to meet its 2012 quarry biodiversity management plan targets.