Ecosystem Services Tools

WHC works with various partners to develop opportunities for ecosystem services management by its members. Memoranda of Understanding signed with the World Resources Institute, the United States Business Council for Sustainable Development and others provide a framework for cooperation.

WHC also partners with Defenders of Wildlife, USDA Forest Service and World Wildlife Fund.

Tools are available through a number of conservation organizations to better understand and manage ecosystem services.

BSR Ecosystem Services Working Group:
The Environmental Markets Initiative helps companies integrate ecosystem services into corporate decision making, risk assessment, and supply chain management processes.
BSR Measuring Corporate Impact on Ecosystems: A Comprehensive Review of New Tools:
Learn how to integrate new ecosystem services into your corporate planning and daily decision-making. This report on ecosystem services—the collective benefits provided by a community of animals and plants interacting with one another and with their physical environment, such as clean water and pollination of plants—allows you to compare the various tools that measure and assess the value of ecosystem services.
• Defenders of Wildlife “The Wildlife Habitat Benefits Estimation Toolkit”
Parametrix, Inc. Method Tracking:
Contact Kenna Halsey at Parametrix for more information.
• World Resources Institute Corporate Ecosystem Services Review:
This report is a structured methodology that helps managers proactively develop strategies to manage business risks and opportunities arising from their company’s dependence and impact on ecosystems.