WHC Staff Tackles Wisteria

Photo (c) Friends of Sligo Creek

Volunteers from the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC), based in Silver Spring, Maryland, spent five hours on November 18, 2011, cutting and pulling Chinese wisteria from a dense and expansive infestation in lower Long Branch. This is one of just two sites in the county where Weed Warriors are actively battling this highly aggressive vine.

After cutting down a large swath of these shrub-high plants (which also climb trees), volunteers pulled many of the long roots that run just below the ground underneath a carpet of English ivy. Some of these runners were as long as twenty feet!

A soaking rain earlier that week helped make the pulling possible. All this work helped put a real hurt on the wisteria. Following the effort, Carole Bergman of the county Parks Department announced that spraying of the wisteria infestation would be scheduled for next spring.