Prairies for Tomorrow Award

The Prairies for Tomorrow award is a joint recognition through the Wildlife Habitat Council and Pheasants Forever (PF) and Quail Forever (QF). The award encourages corporate wildlife habitat programs that include prairie restoration projects.

As the U.S. population grows and the agricultural landscape changes, it can have a major impact on wildlife and their natural habitat – including pheasants, quail, songbirds, deer, waterfowl, and the entire native prairie grassland ecosystem. Sometimes this impact happens so gradually that we don’t realize what we’ve been losing until it’s gone.WHC-certified programs that include upland habitat initiatives are encouraged to apply for this award. The primary criteria include the upland habitat’s value to wildlife and the corporate team’s commitment to upland habitat stewardship.

The project does not have to be on corporate property, but must involve active corporate participation through one of several channels, such as volunteers, grass seeding beyond basic ground cover requirements to include native prairie grasses, and/or participation in the PF No Child Left Indoors program. Providing access for public hunting, or involvement with PF and the Grassroots Campaign or PF-sponsored carbon sequestration programs will be factored into the ranking, but not required for consideration.

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