Mission, Vision, Values

Every act of conservation matters.®

Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) empowers companies to advance biodiversity, sustainability, employee engagement and community relations goals.

Our mission

To recognize, inspire, engage and support businesses to achieve wins for nature.

Our vision

A world in which nature is fully integrated into all aspects of business (operations, corporate citizenship and management).

How we support our mission

WHC programs translate corporate sustainability goals and objectives into tangible and measurable on-the-ground actions. Through a focus on building collaboration for conservation with corporate employees, other conservation organizations, government agencies and community members, WHC programs focus on healthy ecosystems and connected communities.

Our values

We are a bold, driven, inclusive and true team, and believe that every act of conservation matters.

We are bold. This means we

  • Enable conservation, not enforce
  • Encourage fresh ideas and embrace new ways of doing things
  • React quickly yet thoughtfully

We are driven. This means we

  • Set ambitious goals
  • Focus on impact and measures
  • Develop simple, elegant solutions to complex challenges

We are inclusive. This means we

  • Make conservation achievement accessible to all types of organizations
  • Cross fence lines to broaden engagement
  • Respect different ways of getting the job done

We are true. This means we

  • Embrace transparency even when it’s uncomfortable
  • Are honest in our processes, outcomes and impact
  • Say what we mean