Joining Forces with USFWS to Save Monarch Butterflies in the Southeast

Learn how the Wildlife Habitat Council and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are working together to protect monarchs.

New Ways to Think About Landscaping the Corporate Campus – A Conservation Conference Session Recap

Earlier this fall, WHC released the white paper, Reimagining the Corporate Campus: Creating Impactful Outcomes that Benefit Biodiversity and Communities, examining a range of project types that can be implemented on a corporate campus setting. Following up on this theme, a general session and workshop was added to the Conservation Conference 2016 program.

Flamingos? Nope – They’re Roseate Spoonbills!

With their long legs and rosy pink color, it is easy to understand why roseate spoonbills, a waterbird species that lives in coastal areas of the southeast U.S. and Caribbean, are often mistaken for flamingos.

Habitat Design that Invites Exploration

One of the best ways to spread awareness of and interest in biodiversity conservation is to provide opportunities for people to enjoy wildlife and their habitats.

Peregrines: Not Your Average City Dweller

The peregrine falcon is amazing because not only has it recovered from the brink of extinction in North America, it is now thriving in many regions because it has adapted really well to urban settings.

The Nature of Fire

By now you’ve almost certainly heard about the massive wildfire that has devastated Fort McMurray, Alberta, nicknamed “the beast” by local firefighters. This wildfire has so far destroyed about 10% […]

Going Native in Your Urban Garden

In urban and industrial areas, wildlife habitat tends to occur in small, isolated patches. In these areas, native gardens are vital for the conservation of pollinators, birds, and other native animals.

Bats and Birds Will Eat Your Mosquitos

Hate mosquitos? You are not alone! Luckily, nature has provided us with many natural mosquito predators to help keep them under control.

Cooperative Work Among Companies Creates Ecological and Community Connectivity in Northwest Indiana

On Thursday, January 21, about 15 volunteers from a diverse group of companies and conservation organizations, including WHC and members of the Indiana Coastal Cooperative Weed Management Group as well […]

The Carbon-Sequestering Power of Soils

When you hear about atmospheric carbon levels, consider how the soil under our feet is so closely linked to the air above our heads.
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