Rebecca Silvey

Manager, Conservation Planning | | 240-247-0903

As Manager, Conservation Planning at the Wildlife Habitat Council, Rebecca is responsible for working with companies to identify strategic ways to implement conservation and education projects that meet the needs of the company and its stakeholders.  She works with members to increase participation in education activities and strives to stay up to date on current trends in sustainability, conservation, community engagement and education to improve outcomes.

Before coming to WHC, Rebecca worked as an environmental education coordinator at Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean, Courageous Sailing Center, The Bakken Museum, The New York Botanical Garden, and Tyler Arboretum.  She has extensive experience in curriculum and education program development, hands-on and applied learning theories, and STEM subjects for all ages.

She received her M.S. from Antioch University New England in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Environmental Education.  She wrote her Master’s project on educating the public about sustainable seafood through exhibit design.  Prior to graduate school, Rebecca earned her B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Marine Biology from Global College of LIU, a study abroad college based in experiential and immersive learning theories.  She studied in Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Mexico, Australia, and South Africa and had internships focusing on cetacean research, marine ecotourism, and fishing practices.