Sara Cook

Director of Business Development | | 240-247-0910

As Director of Business Development at WHC, Sara collaborates with member companies to help them strategically leverage existing business models as platforms for conservation and recognition.  Sara has over 16 years of experience in the environmental sector and is skilled in the areas of environmental management and sustainability, as well as government and public affairs.  She has worked in the waste and recycling industry, in a regulatory capacity, and as a regional manager of environment and public affairs in the construction materials and cement manufacturing industry Because of her professional background, Sara is adept at translating conservation opportunities for member companies in a manner that fits their unique business driver, operation model, or corporate social responsibility target.  Additionally, Sara connects WHC members with the right community and professional partners, opportunities, and resources to achieve success making every act of conservation matter.   

She studied Natural Resources and Environmental Management at Ball State University, in Muncie, Indiana, where she developed her multi-faceted and dynamic problem-solving style while participating in a study abroad program focusing on coral reef health and the intersection of conservation and local economies (fishing, tourism) in Jamaica.  It was at Ball State where she was first introduced to the concept of the triple bottom line, sustainability and green business, and the role corporations play in overall environmental and community health.