Awards and Recognition

WHC celebrates your Conservation Certification through a variety of channels, and can offer guidance on how to leverage your certification for your company’s internal and external communications activities.

The Wildlife Habitat Council Awards, presented annually, recognize excellence in corporate conservation. View the most recent winners and nominees:

Awards descriptions:

Corporate Conservation Leadership Award
Our top award honors one company’s overall achievement in conservation efforts, and signifies an exemplary level of corporate commitment to biodiversity and conservation education, and meaningful alignments with global conservation objectives.

Employee Engagement Award

Presented to one organization, this award recognizes a company’s involvement in conservation through the sheer force of its employee teams who participate in its habitat and conservation education activities.

Gold Program Award

This award recognized the overall depth of one exceptional program in the Gold Certified tier.

Project Awards
Projects are recognized for their excellence in each of the WHC Project Guidance themes, such as Pollinators, Bats, Grasslands, etc. This category offers projects of all sizes the ability to compete for recognition. 

In addition, WHC can provide the following to help your company’s communications activities:

  • Social media and web copy
  • Web banners and badges with the Conservation Certification logo
  • Assistance with drafting press releases to be issued by your company
  • Guidance on strategies to leverage your Conservation Certification for internal and external communications

Programs that have achieved WHC Conservation Certification are given one of the following designations: Certified, Certified Silver or Certified Gold. This tier system was established to recognize levels of achievement and encourage improvement.

2020 Tiers

Using Tiers to Encourage Excellence

Motivate your team to implement powerful and impactful programs with the incentive of being designated as a Gold or Silver program.  In addition to recognition at the Conservation Conference and eligibility for WHC Awards, program tiers offer an addition level of promotion, including:

  • Programs will receive a Certified, Certified Silver or Certified Gold badge that can be proudly displayed online or in print publication and signage.
  • Program tiers will be displayed at the Awards dinner.
  • High scoring projects contribute to the overall program score and are eligible for Project Awards (e.g. Pollinator Project Award, Grasslands Project Award, etc).
  • The highest scoring programs are eligible for the Gold Program Award.

Tiering levels are reviewed each year and are subject to change from one year to the next. These adjustments do not change previously certified program levels. If you have any further questions, please contact

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