Speaker nominations are now open for WHC Conservation Conference 2024, June 4-5, 2024, in New Orleans.

Join us to address leaders in corporate social responsibility, environmental health and safety, sustainability, government agencies and NGOs – all working to create and maintain healthy ecosystems.

Topics we’re interested in

We’re looking for the new and now. Presentation topics must be current and relevant to the convergence of business and biodiversity, and offer solutions and strategies to make a positive impact for people and planet. We’re especially interested in diverse and inclusive voices as well as interactive presentation elements. Special consideration will be given to the following topics:
  • Nature-Based Solutions
  • Climate Resiliency
  • Biodiversity Uplift
  • New and Innovative Technologies
  • Community First Approaches
  • Environmental Equity
  • ESG/Investor/Stakeholder Alignments
  • Species and Habitat Enhancement Solutions

Presentation formats

Our venue, and minds, are open to a variety of session formats including:
  • Traditional session: One to three speakers, each giving their unique perspective, one at a time, on a specific topic. (60 mins total)
  • Conversation sessions: Three to four panelists guided in a question and answer conversation by a moderator (mostly visual free). (60 mins total)
  • Interactive workshops: A small team leading an audience in exercises to learn about a specific topic or issue. (90-120 mins total)

*Please note: We prefer to offer our audience several different views on a topic and typically group speakers from different organizations as we build the program. We will not be able to accept more than one representative from an organization in a traditional or conversation session.

Our commitment to DEI

We are an bold, driven, inclusive and true organization. As part of our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusivity, our goal is to give voice to BIPOC speakers, and include diversity of gender in all sessions.

Questions? Contact ConservationConference@wildlifehc.org

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