Conservation Activities During this Time of Crisis

WHC offers support and guidance to help continue management of conservation projects and plan a variety of activities

While the rest of the world is on pause, habitats grow and species flourish during spring and summer months, making it the best time for monitoring and management. But how do you continue conversation activities if your site has limited or no access? Download our new guide with advice on how to continue habitat, species and conservation education initiatives on sites where there continues to be access (however limited), or if no access exists at all.

Contact WHC Consulting to discuss projects in more detail. In addition, WHC Conservation CertificationĀ® has implemented Covid-19 accommodations to help navigate the application process.  

Download the guide

More Resources for Implementing Conservation Activities

This year, Earth Day in-person events were cancelled, postponed or moved online. We are hopeful that World Environment Day on June 5th will be a viable option for in-person events, as well as the half-birthday of Earth Day in October. 

Learn more about how to activate events for World Environment Day and the half birthday of Earth Day:

WHC Consulting staff is available to offer guidance on developing or rescheduling Earth Day and World Environment Day events.