Champion STEM education

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education on corporate lands provides learning opportunities through hands-on, outdoor and nature-based activities. These approaches take advantage of the lands on which an operation is located, understand community needs by providing place-based and relevant programs, and meet multiple corporate goals across the spectrum of corporate citizenship efforts. STEM programs can also amplify a company’s drive for innovation and technology and ultimately train the problem solvers of tomorrow.

To help champion STEM education, WHC Consulting can provide:

  • Recommendations for nature-based STEM activities
  • Industry-specific STEM curricula that focus on nature
  • Facilitation of collaborative relationships with local school districts
  • Tactics to use existing conservation activities for STEM education
  • Employee training on hosting and leading education events

Learn more how we can help meet your business and biodiversity goals.
What can we help you do?

Adopt a company-wide stewardship vision
Pursue climate change adaptation strategies
Enhance sustainability reporting
Pursue capital projects in harmony with stakeholders
Retain and attract employees
Utilize corporate lands for conservation
Expand biodiversity activities outside the U.S.
Validate conservation efforts
Share conservation efforts

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