Enhance sustainability reporting

Most environmental metrics are a “race to zero” – waste reduction, greenhouse gas reduction, etc. However, instead of communicating a reduction, research shows that stakeholders react more positively to indicators that show growth and betterment. Biodiversity metrics can offer this data, providing the ideal framework from which to connect corporate lands to community improvement, and to report interconnected corporate citizenship actions into CSR initiatives like the Global Reporting Initiative or Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

To help enhance sustainability reporting, WHC Consulting can provide:

  • Comparison and evaluation of conservation efforts and reporting frameworks to identify opportunities for maximum efficiency
  • Translation of conservation efforts into ready-to-use metrics for GRI, CDP, etc.
  • Aggregation of data submitted through WHC Conservation Certification® to generate corporate-wide impact metrics

Learn more how we can help meet your business and biodiversity goals.
What can we help you do?

Adopt a company-wide stewardship vision
Pursue climate change adaptation strategies
Enhance sustainability reporting
Retain and attract employees
Utilize corporate lands for conservation
Expand biodiversity activities outside the U.S.
Champion STEM education
Validate conservation efforts
Share conservation efforts

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