Expand biodiversity activities outside the U.S.

A uniform approach to conservation activities across operations around the world contributes to company metrics and success stories. By adopting a standard of recognition, companies can implement conservation that is locally relevant, practical, not in conflict with operations, and adaptable to any regulatory requirements. This opportunity to connect across boundaries can positively impact employee morale and community engagement.

To help expand biodiversity activities outside the U.S., WHC Consulting can provide:

  • In-person or virtual assessments to determine the most locally relevant and cost-effective activities
  • Training for local leaders or subject matter experts to build and maintain successful conservation activities eligible for WHC certification
  • Toolkits and other useful, employee-friendly materials in local languages

Learn more how we can help meet your business and biodiversity goals.
What can we help you do?

Adopt a company-wide stewardship vision
Pursue climate change adaptation strategies
Enhance sustainability reporting
Pursue capital projects in harmony with stakeholders
Retain and attract employees
Utilize corporate lands for conservation
Champion STEM education
Validate conservation efforts
Share conservation efforts

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