Retain and attract employees

Employee engagement programs help companies compete for new talent and retain existing staff by meeting a variety of needs including work/life balance, health and wellness, and value to the communities in which they operate. Programs that are focused on conservation and biodiversity offer meaningful, equitable and accessible opportunities to build sustainable engagement that offer employees a chance to get active, learn something new, and make a positive contribution to the environment.

To help retain and attract employees, WHC Consulting can provide:

  • Recommendations of conservation activities that are contemporary and accessible to the employee base and structure of the company
  • Development of a publicly facing vision statement on conservation
  • Blogs and articles promoting conservation activities
  • Internal communications plan to encourage employee awareness and participation in conservation

Learn more how we can help meet your business and biodiversity goals.
What can we help you do?

Adopt a company-wide stewardship vision
Pursue climate change adaptation strategies
Enhance sustainability reporting
Pursue capital projects in harmony with stakeholders
Utilize corporate lands for conservation
Expand biodiversity activities outside the U.S.
Champion STEM education
Validate conservation efforts
Share conservation efforts

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