Validate conservation efforts

Third-party recognition programs for conservation activities can be beneficial to companies in managing risk, communicating outcomes and meeting biodiversity goals. WHC Conservation Certification® is designed to provide tangible data on companies’ conservation and education activities that go above and beyond compliance. In doing so, WHC Conservation Certification helps companies demonstrate a long-term commitment to quality habitat for wildlife, conservation education and community outreach initiatives.

To help validate conservation efforts, WHC Consulting can provide:

  • Expert advice to alignments of existing activities with the WHC Conservation Certification standard
  • Monitoring protocols and schedules that are scientifically rigorous while accessible to volunteers
  • Analysis of results and trends from previous WHC Certification outcomes and development of an improvement plan
  • Trainings for employees and volunteers on the WHC Certification standard

Learn more how we can help meet your business and biodiversity goals.
What can we help you do?

Adopt a company-wide stewardship vision
Pursue climate change adaptation strategies
Enhance sustainability reporting
Pursue capital projects in harmony with stakeholders
Retain and attract employees
Utilize corporate lands for conservation
Expand biodiversity activities outside the U.S.
Champion STEM education
Share conservation efforts

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