Preparing Your Application

Before starting a Conservation Certification application, consider the following. Have you…

Projects are based in habitats and can include species management, education and/or additional considerations like protected status or remediation. See the list of possible projects below.

Habitat Projects:
Caves and Subterranean
Marine Intertidal
Rocky Areas
Other Habitat

Species Management Projects:
Invasive Species
Reptiles and Amphibians
Other Species Management

Education and Awareness Projects:
Awareness and Community Engagement
Formal Learning
Other Education and Awareness

Other Options Projects:
Green Infrastructure*
Integrated Vegetation Management
Land Conservation Agreements*
Species of Concern*
Invasive Species – Coordinated Approaches*

* These “Other Options” projects alone will not qualify a program for Conservation Certification. In order to qualify for Conservation Certification, these “Other Options” projects must be accompanied by at least one qualifying habitat, species, or education project. 

For more information about projects, view the Project Guidances.

For a project to qualify toward Conservation Certification, you must be able to answer “yes” to five questions.

  1. Is the project locally appropriate?
  2. Does it have a stated conservation or education objective?
  3. Does it provide value or benefit to the natural community?
  4. Have outcomes been measured and is there supporting documentation?
  5. Does it exceed any pertinent regulatory requirements?

WHC Project Guidances can be used to design and implement a robust conservation program according to certification requirements.

View the Project Guidances.

Documentation may be required in the application, so be sure to have your materials available. You may upload them to the Conservation Certification website at any time, save your work and come back to your application to add more documentation.

Click to view resources and common application shortcomings to avoid.

When you are ready to apply online, don’t worry if you don’t have everything, you can save your work and come back to your application at any time.

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