Enhance An Existing Program

Successful WHC Conservation Certification programs have been proven to provide substantial benefits to communities, increase employee morale, further sustainability goals, and strengthen relationships with stakeholders.

Establishing, maintaining and reviewing credibility of your programs not only promotes your biodiversity efforts, but will also yield a greater return on investment.

  • Share your conservation success within your company
  • Recruit new team members
  • Review and update your conservation objectives
  • Consider addition of conservation actions
  • Utilize monitoring data to evaluate success of each project
  • Determine if changes to the management of the project are necessary

WHC Project Guidances are a great resource to help you through your conservation project, from the initial design phase to the application process. Browse the Project Guidances.

View our Program Checklist with a detailed list of suggested steps to maintain a program.

Learn from what others have done. Browse Corporate Conservation Stories.

The experienced technical and scientific WHC staff can help you meet your conservation goals through a variety of customized services tailored to existing programs, including:

  • Design and implement employee and volunteer training activities
  • Provide strategies to improve your monitoring program and align it to citizen science efforts
  • Assist in creating an adaptive management plan
  • Build an evaluation system of your conservation and education projects
  • Identify potential partners and methods for engaging stakeholders
  • Develop language for interpretive signage and materials
  • Recommend events and activities that engage the community in your conservation goals

On-site support is particularly valuable for programs experiencing the following:

  • Change in property’s use, size, or employee presence
  • Decrease in your program’s performance
  • Desire for a new conservation focus
  • Launch of a corporate-wide goal

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WHC Conservation Certification is built on best practices of global recognition programs, reflects contemporary conservation efforts, and aligns our collective works with the future of biodiversity not only in the United States but across the globe. Conservation Certification:

  • Recognizes meaningful wildlife habitat management and conservation education programs
  • Provides third-party credibility and an objective evaluation.
  • Helps companies demonstrate a long-term commitment to managing quality habitat for wildlife, conservation education and community outreach initiatives.

As you design and implement enhancements to your project, keep in mind that in order for a project to qualify toward Conservation Certification, you must be able to answer “yes” to five questions:

  1. Is the project locally appropriate?
  2. Does it have a stated conservation or education objective?
  3. Does it provide value or benefit to the natural community?
  4. Have outcomes been measured and is there supporting documentation?
  5. Does it exceed any pertinent regulatory requirements?

Learn more about WHC Conservation Certification.

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