WHC Consulting

Arthur Mitchell

As Manager for Conservation Planning, Art is responsible for providing technical support to companies by identifying strategic approaches to implement biodiversity assessments; climate change adaptation plans; biodiversity conservation plans; stakeholder engagement plans; environmental, social, and governance (ESG) evaluations; conservation education programs; and appropriate projects that meet the needs of the company and its stakeholders. Art’s education, training, […]

Rebecca Silvey

As Manager, Conservation Planning at the Wildlife Habitat Council, Rebecca is responsible for working with companies to identify strategic ways to implement conservation and education projects that meet the needs of the company and its stakeholders.  She works with members to increase participation in education activities and strives to stay up to date on current trends in […]

Sara Cook

As Director of Business Development at WHC, Sara collaborates with member companies to help them strategically leverage existing business models as platforms for conservation and recognition.  Sara has over 16 years of experience in the environmental sector and is skilled in the areas of environmental management and sustainability, as well as government and public affairs.  She has worked in the waste and […]