Ideas for Celebrating National Pollinator Week

By Rebecca Culler|June 18, 2011

Photo by Betsy Betros, Idalia Society.

Photo by Betsy Betros, Idalia Society.

From wildflower-covered landfill caps to agricultural field buffers, no-mow office parks and reclaimed quarries, WHC-certified programs provide habitat for pollinators. These habitats are outdoor classrooms where communities learn how to identify butterflies, plant gardens that provide nectar to hummingbirds, and create shelter and nesting substrate for native bees. National Pollinator Week is a time to celebrate what WHC-certified programs do for pollinators, but it is also a time to build awareness about the continuing threats to pollinators and push conservation education and habitat management initiatives even further.

Suggestions for a National Pollinator Week celebration:

Contact WHC’s Conservation Education & Outreach Department to start developing a Corporate Lands for Learning program focused on pollinator education.

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