Conservation Conference 2020 Speaker Nominations Now Being Accepted!

Speaker Nomination Form

The deadline to submit speaker nominations is April 10, 2020.

The WHC Conservation Conference, November 17-18 in Baltimore, is an opportunity for attendees to gain valuable information on the latest in corporate conservation strategies, ideas and solutions. As a Conference presenter, you’ll be addressing leaders in corporate social responsibility, environmental health and safety, sustainability, government agencies and NGOs – all working to create and maintain healthy ecosystems.


We are interested in topics that are relevant to our (mostly) corporate audience, primarily within the framework of biodiversity, conservation and the environment, including, but not limited to:

  • Biodiversity: The biodiversity crisis is at an all time high, yet we aren’t doing enough about it. How can business make positive impacts for the future of our environment?
  • Climate Change: Privately-owned corporate lands are critical for climate action, whether as a source of carbon sequestration or increased resilience for the built and natural environments. How can we help corporate landowners utilize nature-based climate change solutions that are corporate-driven, community-minded, and biodiversity-based?
  • Metrics: Reporting is critical to promote corporate responsibility and to display transparency to shareholders, stakeholders, employees and the general public. What are the best strategies and techniques to using this data in reporting and storytelling?
  • Employee and Community Relations: Nature-based activities can offer meaningful opportunities for employees and community members to participate in conservation. What are the best practices to develop and maintain these engagements?
  • STEM and Environmental Education:  STEM fields have long been promoted as key drivers of future individual and societal prosperity. What are the best practices to integrate hands-on, nature-based learning initiatives that correlate with a company’s drive for innovation?
  • Effectiveness Strategies: Conservation programs can be anything from small pollinator gardens to large remediation sites. No matter the size or industry, what are the best ways to make the greatest impact on biodiversity on corporate lands?
  • Tools and Techniques: Keeping up with the latest tools and techniques for on-the-ground conservation work is important for habitat development and maintenance. What are the latest ways to do more with less?
  • Partnerships: Partnerships are the key to successful conservation programs. What are some of the best practices in finding and collaborating with local, regional and national partners?

What we’re looking for

  • Presenters should be an experts or leading practitioners in their company or field of study.
  • Presentations should includes illustrations of success and highlight implementation design and practical lessons learned.
  • We place a high value on diversity of voices and experiences in our speakers to provide a well-rounded program that reflects the real world.

Style of presentation

Conservation Conference may feature several different types of presentation experiences including panels, roundtables, workshops, general sessions and quick-fire sessions. Upon acceptance of your proposed topic, WHC will contact you to further discuss your topic and assign the best format for your presentation based upon available resources.

Conference attendance

All presenters are expected to register for the WHC Conservation Conference at a discounted speaker rate.

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