White Paper | Trees at Work | Driving Conservation, Equity and Empowerment through Urban and Community Forestry

BETHESDA, MD, March 3, 2022 – Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) offers a new white paper available for download today, Trees at Work | Driving Conservation, Equity and Empowerment through Urban and Community Forestry (UCF). The white paper is sponsored by Ontario Power Generation and is available for free on our website. This white paper serves as an […]

Breathing Life into Engineering: An Introduction to Green Infrastructure

As climate change and other environmental crises escalate worldwide, individuals, businesses and communities everywhere are exploring ways to adapt to these challenges. While some are focused on solving these problems through technological advances, many others are looking to nature for inspiration, and with good reason: from bumblebees that developed long tongues to drink from tubular blooms to cacti that evolved to store water, the natural world has much to […]

WHC presents 2021 Ibis Award to the Stellantis Windsor Assembly Plant

SILVER SPRING, MD, December 6, 2021 – Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) has announced the winner of the 2021 Ibis Award — the Stellantis Windsor (Ont.) Assembly Plant. The Ibis Award recognizes a WHC-Certified program that has demonstrated resilience of spirit and advancement of conservation despite lockdowns, quarantines and additional government-mandated regulations.   Since 2009, the plant has […]

Corridors of Community: WHC and partners secure funding for alley activations in Detroit

After a decades-long hiatus, the city of Detroit is reinvesting in its alleyways, creating new opportunities for economic, environmental and social progress. Recognizing the potential for these alleys to foster biodiversity, community-building and climate resilience, WHC and a group of Detroit-based partners have initiated, and recently secured a new source of funding for a locally focused alley activation project.  The $50,000 award was secured through the Thriving Cities Challenge, which was hosted by the Salazar Center […]

WHC and SP Receive EPA Award to Promote Pollution Prevention in Southeastern U.S. Auto Industry

SILVER SPRING, MD, OCTOBER 18, 2021 – Corporate conservation organization Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) and automotive industry environmental sustainability association Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP) will receive $68,000 in funding from the EPA Region 4 Source Reduction Assistance (SRA) Grant Program, an initiative that supports pollution prevention (P2) efforts in the American Southeast. The […]

Dueling COPs and the Ministry of Nature: The Question of Jurisdiction over Biodiversity

At the bottom of all these words and declarations lies one simple truth: we need to stop the destruction of nature. We know what the drivers of destruction are. We know where the decision points lie, and we know how to fix and restore nature once its destruction has been halted. But it’s only in the jurisdictions that these things can happen.

New White Paper: Fostering Corporate-Community Relations through Meaningful Engagement

SILVER SPRING, MD, October 14, 2021 – Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) offers a new white paper available for download today, Fostering Corporate-Community Relations through Meaningful Engagement. The white paper is sponsored by Stellantis and is available for free on our website.   As the current biodiversity and climate crises become more dire, and more opportunities for the private sector to address these issues arise, expectations for […]

Structured Lessons, Boundless Benefits – How Lannon Stone is using WHC Curricula to Create Memorable Field Trips

The Impact of Field Trips  Many of us can recall a pivotal field trip from our youth. Perhaps after observing tadpoles swimming in the creek, the lifecycle diagrams in your biology textbook suddenly made sense. Maybe a site tour given by an engineer or EHS professional even shaped your career path to this day.    Field trips offer proven benefits for children, inspiring life-long intellectual curiosity and contributing to higher scores on science exams, particularly among underserved students. Field […]

Discovering, Teaching and Cycling through the Diversity of Birds — A Conservation Conference Recap

Keynote Dr. Scott Edwards talks about how on-the-ground interactions, from the international research trips he’s led for students to his own cross-country bike trip, have helped promote a culture of unity, inclusion and respect for biodiversity.  

New White Paper: WHC White Paper Supporting the Global Pollinator Population through Local Action

SILVER SPRING, MD, JUNE 23, 2021 – Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) offers a new white paper available for download today, Supporting the Global Pollinator Population Through Local Action. The white paper is sponsored by BASF and is available for free on our website.   This publication serves as an extension of the 2016 WHC white paper, Prioritizing Pollinators in Corporate America: How Companies Can Align […]
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