Swap Your Lawn Mower for a Goat: The Benefits of Grazing

For corporate landowners, vegetation maintenance is a near-constant need. It can be time-consuming, costly and environmentally harmful to maintain the grass and vegetation at a corporate facility. Depending on the acreage of the site and the frequency of mowing, professional lawn care services can cost anywhere from $150 to upwards of $700 — and even […]
Jorge Calderón Trueba, Jorge Calderón Álvarez, and Sara Cook onstage during the session

The Earth Lab’s Community-First Approach – A Conservation Conference Recap

What is a community-first approach to environmental action? What are the challenges and considerations of partnering with local communities? How can diversity, equity and inclusion be incorporated into these approaches? These are the questions that Jorge Calderón Trueba and Jorge Calderón Álvarez answered during their Breakfast Briefing session on Day Two of the 2022 WHC […]

5 Creative Ways to Reuse Invasive Species

You may be surprised to learn how many plants and animals you see every day are actually invasive species – non-native organisms that overtake an area and make it uninhabitable for native species. For example, Japanese honeysuckle, English ivy and European starlings are all common invasive species. They may be ubiquitous, but these invasive species, […]

Restoring Eden in our Communities with Edible Forests – A Conservation Conference Recap

On June 14-15, WHC welcomed over 400 attendees to our first in-person WHC Conservation Conference since 2019, and our first-ever conference held in Detroit, Michigan. During these two days, sustainability and conservation professionals shared their expertise on topics ranging from climate resiliency and remediation to environmental education and stakeholder engagement.  Naim Edwards kicked off the […]

From EHS to ESG

When WHC was created 33 years ago, the intersection of business and biodiversity was firmly located in the realm of environmental health and safety (EHS), with a focus on regulation, compliance and operations. EHS leveraged the power of government to promote best practices and punish bad actors. Today, the intersection of business and biodiversity has migrated to the realm of environmental, social and governance (ESG), a framing first defined by the United Nations in 2004 as a set of criteria to be incorporated into corporate financial decision-making.

State of Corporate Conservation 2022: Biodiversity as the Ultimate Key Performance Indicator

Read the transcript of Margaret O'Gorman's speech given at Conservation Conference 2022 in Detroit, Michigan.

2022 WHC Awards Announced at WHC Conservation Conference

DETROIT, MI, JUNE 15, 2022 – Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) announced the winners of its 2022 WHC Awards during the WHC Conservation Conference held in Detroit, Michigan on June 14-15. The WHC Awards honor excellence in corporate conservation, and recipients include national and international companies representing a variety of industries. The year’s top awards, which […]

White Paper | Trees at Work | Driving Conservation, Equity and Empowerment through Urban and Community Forestry

BETHESDA, MD, March 3, 2022 – Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) offers a new white paper available for download today, Trees at Work | Driving Conservation, Equity and Empowerment through Urban and Community Forestry (UCF). The white paper is sponsored by Ontario Power Generation and is available for free on our website. This white paper serves as an […]

Breathing Life into Engineering: An Introduction to Green Infrastructure

As climate change and other environmental crises escalate worldwide, individuals, businesses and communities everywhere are exploring ways to adapt to these challenges. While some are focused on solving these problems through technological advances, many others are looking to nature for inspiration, and with good reason: from bumblebees that developed long tongues to drink from tubular blooms to cacti that evolved to store water, the natural world has much to […]

WHC presents 2021 Ibis Award to the Stellantis Windsor Assembly Plant

SILVER SPRING, MD, December 6, 2021 – Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) has announced the winner of the 2021 Ibis Award — the Stellantis Windsor (Ont.) Assembly Plant. The Ibis Award recognizes a WHC-Certified program that has demonstrated resilience of spirit and advancement of conservation despite lockdowns, quarantines and additional government-mandated regulations.   Since 2009, the plant has […]
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