Create an Edible Garden for People and Wildlife!

The late summer and early fall are one of the best times that people and wildlife alike can enjoy one of nature’s most delicious bounties – berries. Berries are highly nutritious, providing a mixture of sugars and fats that help animals get through the winter. Migratory birds in particular will stock up on fat for […]

Celebrate Earth Day!

Earth Day is an annual celebration of the Earth and its natural environment, observed on April 22 of each year.  The goal behind Earth Day celebrations is to foster appreciation and awareness of the Earth’s natural environment and the threats to clean air, clean water, and biodiversity.  Earth Day originated in 1970 when U.S. Senator […]

Planning a Pollinator Garden?

Free or Low-Cost Resources May Be Available Through a special partnership of the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC), Monarch Watch and the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign, WHC programs in the northeast and Midwest United States may be able to receive free or low-cost seeds, low-cost plugs (small plants) and expert advice on species selection from […]

Leave Some Leaves in Your Landscape!

How many reasons do you need to leave some leaves in your landscape? As fall approaches, the leaf blowers have already started up in our neighborhood. I could write about these noisy, polluting machines. I could also tell you how important leaves are in the garden as a natural mulch and how they contribute to […]

Celebrate Independence Day the Wildlife Way

Here’s an idea for a fun Fourth of July activity: plant a patriotic pollinator garden!  Many pollinator-friendly plants have red, white, or blue blooms, berries, stems, or leaves. (Click here for a list of red, white and blue plants.) Already have a pollinator garden? Even if it doesn’t have a red, white, and blue theme, you can still […]

Ideas for Celebrating National Pollinator Week

From wildflower-covered landfill caps to agricultural field buffers, no-mow office parks and reclaimed quarries, WHC-certified programs provide habitat for pollinators. These habitats are outdoor classrooms where communities learn how to identify butterflies, plant gardens that provide nectar to hummingbirds, and create shelter and nesting substrate for native bees. National Pollinator Week is a time to […]

Host a Native Plant Sale!

Want to help increase wildlife habitat and support your community at the same time? Have a native plant sale! Native plants are plants that would naturally or historically be found in different regions, and therefore require less care and watering. They come in many colors, forms and sizes and there is sure to be a […]

Designing & Building Barn Owl Nest Boxes

The IBM Almaden Research Center, located in San Jose, California, is pioneering the design of artificial nest boxes by partnering with a dedicated volunteer. Steve Simmons of Merced, California, developed a Barn Owl box plan that has been in extensive use throughout the Central Valley after years of experimenting with and documenting the siting, mounting, […]
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