On Demand Webinars

Protecting Our Most Vital Resource: Working Together for Watershed Conservation

On-Demand: In this webinar, you’ll hear from three organizations — a corporation, a state agency, and a collaborative initiative — about their watershed enhancement work.

Beneficiando a las Comunidades y la Naturaleza a Través de la Silvicultura Tropical

. Los árboles tienen una amplia gama de impactos positivos en la naturaleza: mejoran la biodiversidad, mejoran la calidad del agua, proporcionan un hábitat para la vida silvestre y secuestran […]

Creating Bat-Friendly Gardens and Urban Habitats to Help Prevent Bat Extinction

On-Demand: In this webinar, bat experts will share the basics of creating a bat garden and the importance of urban habitats.

Inspiring Environmental Action Through Nature Art

On-Demand: In this webinar, we’ll hear from two nature artists about where they find their inspiration, how art and storytelling help people learn more about nature, and how depicting wildlife through art encourages conservation. 

Certification 102: Keys to a Good Certification Application

On-Demand: This webinar will focus on items that have the biggest impact on the overall strength of a certification application.

Looking out for Pollinators: Strengthening Pollinator Projects through Monitoring and Citizen Science

On-Demand: Learn the important role that citizen science plays in pollinator conservation.

Community-First Environmental Action – How Crossing the Fence Line Can Create Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

On-Demand: Learn about the challenges that companies face in community engagement, and how an awareness of local needs can help address them

Science For Everyone: Selecting and Implementing Engaging STEM Activities

On-Demand: Learn the value of STEM education initiatives to companies and communities.  

Certification 101: The Basics

On-Demand: This webinar will cover the basics of WHC Conservation Certification, the website and application process.

Proactive Conservation: Supporting At-Risk Species through Collaborative Action

On-Demand: Learn the importance of mitigating the threats that at-risk species face and how corporate lands play a key role.
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