Insights into trends in conservation from Margaret O’Gorman, President of Wildlife Habitat Council

    Bipartisanship for Biodiversity – Funding Our Future

    As we face the global biodiversity crisis it can no longer be business as usual.

    The Alarm is Sounding for Nature. Who Will Take the Lead in Materiality, Mainstreaming and Action?

    Consumption and land use patterns have created a grave unraveling of the web of life.

    What a Bat Monitor Can Teach Us About Inclusion

    While we always support and advocate for the PhDs, the professors and the experts, we should never forget to empower and embrace the amateurs, the innovators and the tinkerers.

    Big News About Biodiversity Makes Grim Predictions – Why Aren’t We Paying More Attention?

    A recently published paper found that biodiversity received 8 times less media coverage than climate change in the mainstream media.

    The Importance of Mainstreaming Biodiversity

    In preparation for COP14, the CBD invited submissions to provide case studies and practical examples of the mainstreaming of biodiversity into the industry sectors under consideration. Here is our submission.

    Toward COP14: Can the CBD Mainstream Biodiversity in Industry?

    Biodiversity can be mainstreamed across business, allowing both economic livelihoods and natural communities to prosper.

    Stop Making Conservation Complicated. Just Do It.

    In the world of corporate conservation, we have seen companies becoming paralyzed between the proposed cost and the actual budget, among other factors. But these barriers to action can be overcome.

    The Kestrel and the Steel Mill – How the Urban Industrial Landscape Can Support Climate, Community and Habitats

    In forgotten corners of towns and cities, opportunities exist to consider the lands through a green lens.
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