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Marathon Petroleum Corporation Supports WHC’s Mission Through Generous Donation

MPC demonstrates their dedication to supporting sustainability lies not just in their corporate conservation programs, but in their charitable giving as well.
A pair of lovebirds sitting beside each other on a branch

Animal Magnetism: Do Animals Fall in Love?

Learn how animals attract that special someone.

Weather Whiplash: How Extreme Winters Impact Wildlife

Explore how corporate conservation programs can help mitigate the effects of winter weather and support affected species.

Ghoulish Garden: Six of the World’s Creepiest Flowers

They may be a little bit creepy, but these flowers are also fascinating examples of biodiversity, resilience and evolutionary change.

From Skyscrapers to Mines – When a Workplace Becomes a Thriving Wildlife Habitat

Learn about species that commonly find habitats in and around workplaces.

Swap Your Lawn Mower for a Goat: The Benefits of Grazing

Grazing animals can be a beneficial and interesting new way to maintain the vegetation at your corporate site.
Jorge Calderón Trueba, Jorge Calderón Álvarez, and Sara Cook onstage during the session.

The Earth Lab’s Community-First Approach – A Conservation Conference Recap

What is a community-first approach to environmental action? What are the challenges and considerations of partnering with local communities? How can diversity, equity and inclusion be incorporated into these approaches? […]
Naim Edwards speaking onstage at WHC Conservation Conference 2022

Restoring Eden in our Communities with Edible Forests – A Conservation Conference Recap

On June 14-15, WHC welcomed over 400 attendees to our first in-person WHC Conservation Conference since 2019, and our first-ever conference held in Detroit, Michigan. During these two days, sustainability […]

5 Creative Ways to Reuse Invasive Species

You may be surprised to learn how many plants and animals you see every day are actually invasive species – non-native organisms that overtake an area and make it uninhabitable […]

Breathing Life into Engineering: An Introduction to Green Infrastructure

As climate change and other environmental crises escalate worldwide, individuals, businesses and communities everywhere are exploring ways to adapt to these challenges. While some are focused on solving these problems through technological advances, many others are looking to nature for inspiration, […]
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