Nature-based Solutions for Pollution Prevention

Exploring how nature-based solutions (NbS) contribute to pollution reduction and provide a myriad of co-benefits for environment and community alike

From strategic tree plantings to wetland restoration projects, nature-based solutions (NbS) are quickly becoming a key part of many pollution prevention strategies. These solutions are accessible, scalable, and offer many co-benefits, like increased biodiversity and climate resilience. NbS can advance pollution prevention goals on corporate lands while enhancing ecosystem services and contributing to local, regional, and
large-scale restoration efforts.


2022 Activities- Workshop Title: Nature-based Solutions (NbS) as Pollution Prevention (P2) within the Automotive Sector Workshop Participants Included:
Tiffany Duane Battery Solutions
Mike Wingo DENSO Manufacturing Tennessee
Gary Vegh ERA Environmental Management Solutions
Christian Goetz geff LP
Rae Howard General Motors
Breitner Marczewski General Motors
Barry Stuedemann GZA
Kellen Mahoney Suppliers Partnership for the Environment
Steve Hellem Suppliers Partnership for the Environment
Greg Rose Stellantis
Judd Mahan Tetra Tech
Alison Marion Toyota North America – TMMAL
David O’Ryan
Casey Allen Mazda Toyota

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Funded by the US EPA Region 4 Source Reduction Assistance Grant, through the
Pollution Prevention Program (P2)