Program Advancement Services

WHC helps companies identify approaches to strengthen conservation outcomes of existing and future programs. This includes how to expand positive impacts beyond property lines, address larger challenges (connectivity, corridors, watershed health), and contributed to alignments and key regional efforts.

Community engagement facilitation. WHC staff facilitates productive dialog with stakeholder groups by conducting planning sessions for long-term projects and programs. These planning sessions can benefit your facility and region, as well as increase visibility of your efforts.

Analysis and reporting. For companies that have been involved in voluntary conservation or stewardship activities for many years, results are often a collection of locally relevant actions and outcomes that can be difficult to report and publicize. WHC analyzes existing activities to creates a suite of reporting metrics, utilizing conservation alignments and WHC Conservation Certification data.

Conservation-based approaches to site cleanup and reuse. As a company develops a site’s remedial design, enters the construction phase, seeks to maximize the ecological and community value of the cleanup effort, or strategizes for divestiture, WHC identifies conservation initiatives to support remediation objectives and challenges.

Long-term engagement for special initiatives. Conservation concepts have a role in larger scale operations/operations, like capital infrastructure projects and facility permitting. WHC long-term engagement in such initiatives serves to identify and strategize conservation considerations that aid in decision-making, stakeholder relations, biodiversity and community investment.

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