Strategic Engagement Services

WHC helps companies apply their business and sustainability philosophies to establish an integrated biodiversity and conservation education strategy.

Conservation strategy development. WHC facilitates the development of a strategic overarching conservation theme, focus or vision, to guide a company’s voluntary conservation initiatives. This typically involves portfolio analysis, selection and prioritization of values, and in-person working sessions with multi-disciplinary groups formed from various departments.

Conservation framework and implementation plan development. Many companies have conservation goals, but may lack strategic and tactical plans that turn aspirations into on-the-ground actions. WHC helps develop conservation frameworks that meet both corporate needs and on-the-ground realities.

Strategic implementation support. Whether the approach to conservation is developed internally or in collaboration with WHC, the WHC Strategy and Planning team guides site teams through the implementation process with direct support, training and tools, in addition to capturing outcomes for the duration of the collaboration. The support can be arranged on an as-needed basis or as part of our popular Yearly Service Plans.

Roadmap to conservation. In some cases, companies have a high interest in engaging in conservation but may not be ready for a large-scale strategy. An intermediary option is for WHC to complete a prioritization exercise, where facilities, projects and properties are ranked based on varied values and goals and aligned with stakeholder priorities. The result is an analysis – or roadmap – which serves as a guide on which to build either a site-by-site approach, or a large-scale strategy further in the future.

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