Vulcan Materials Company

Stockbridge Quarry

Stockbridge, Georgia, United States

Certified through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
STEM Partnership with Pleasant Grove Elementary School
Formal Learning
About the Program
Stockbridge Quarry is located in Stockbridge, Georgia, just south of Atlanta. This Vulcan Materials facility is a supplier and distributor of construction materials including gravel, sand and crushed stone. Their conservation goals include increasing wildlife education and awareness in students to prepare them to be better environmental stewards in the future.

Practices and Impacts
  • At the request of local teachers, the Stockbridge team developed grade-level specific activities, including videos and worksheets, for K-5 students at Pleasant Grove Elementary School. In response to COVID-19 limitations, these lessons were adapted for remote learning. In total, 309 students have participated in the educational activities.
  • Lessons for the project were developed in partnership between the five-employee Stockbridge team and Pleasant Grove teachers. Together, they edited scripts and worksheets, developed evaluations, and filmed and edited educational videos.
  • Specific lessons include: butterfly life cycle (kindergarten), plants (first grade), wildlife (second grade), composting (third grade), water quality (fourth grade), and erosion (fifth grade).
  • This educational project is in alignment with the Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia and their mission “toward the day when every child grows up connected to nature, every person is environmentally-literate, and every community is motivated and empowered to protect the earth and its inhabitants."