Ascend Performance Materials

Ascend Pensacola Plant Wildlife Sanctuary

Gonzalez, Florida, United States

Certified Silver through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Nest Box Program
Feral Hog Management Program
Invasive Species
About the Program
The Ascend Pensacola Plant Wildlife Sanctuary is located on 1,800 acres in Pensacola, on the northwest portion of the Florida panhandle. The property is a chemical and textiles manufacturing plant operated by Ascend Performance Materials, as well as some timber harvesting. The site contains a 587 acres of bottomland hardwoods, 301 acres of loblolly pines, 332 acres of under stocked upland forest, 21 acres of slash pine, and 29 acres of a hardwood/pine buffer. The conservation objectives of the property is to manage their forests in a way to promote wildlife habitat. Additionally, the site wants to increase habitat for passerine birds, including the eastern bluebird.

Practices and Impacts
  • The project has over 125 nest boxes throughout the property to provide nesting and breeding habitat for eastern bluebirds and other passerine birds. The project has seen increases in usage of the nest boxes by target bird species.
  • The project aims to remove feral swine from the property through trapping to prevent destruction of native wildlife and their habitats. The project has had success in removing individual feral swine from the property each year.