Vulcan Materials Company

Grayson Quarry

Loganville, Georgia, United States

Certified through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Deer Management
About the Program
Vulcan Materials Company maintains the Grayson Quarry, a rock quarry in Gwinnett County, Georgia, approximately 40 miles north east of Atlanta. The quarry is surrounded by 316 acres of forested habitat. The team manages the site to maintain a healthy population of white-tailed deer by ensuring the species has appropriate habitat. Habitats found on the site include a lake, creeks, forests and brushes, all interspersed with low cover patches and corridors.

Practices and Impacts
  • The team regularly monitors white-tailed deer populations on their land using camera traps, which are strategically placed throughout the site and relocated twice per year to understand the health, patterns and growth of the population. Camera trap data is used to recommend potential management techniques to improve population health.
  • Wildlife corridors and areas for bedding and breeding were created through bush hogging and trimming. Foraging plants and water supplies were monitored, ensuring the species habitat needs are met.
  • Team members control populations through hunting seasons established by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to control overpopulation of the species.
  • The team regularly conducts conference calls with local wildlife experts to track progress and ensure the management of the species is successful.