Owens Corning

World Headquarters

Toledo, Ohio, United States

Certified Gold through 2023

Project Name
Project Type
Prairie Restoration
Pollinator Garden
Lunch & Learn
Awareness & Community Engagement
Native Landscaping
About the Program
The Owens Corning - World Headquarter's program is located in Toledo, Ohio, USA. The site is located between the Maumee River and Swan Creek. In the late 1880's, the site was used as freight railyards and later a dump site. In the early 1980's the property was developed into condominiums. In 1996, the site was remediated and developed into Owens Corning World Headquarters. The prairie restoration project intends to increase the diversity of wildlife habitat on site. This prairie restoration provides food and cover for Ohio grassland species including song birds, rabbits, gamebirds and other wildlife. The pollinator garden encourages biodiversity and promotes an increase in the number of pollinating species on site. The native landscape garden at the front entry intends to increase the biodiversity on site and provide food and cover for Ohio species. The bluebird nest box project provides improved habitat for the native species targeted and documents a population increase for these species at this site. The educational lunch and learn project intends to bring awareness to employees regarding the diverse conservation efforts at each of the 19 parks in the Toledo Metroparks system. The nature walk educates employees about the different habitat and sustainability projects happening on-site and how they tie into larger community/global issues. 

Practices and Impacts
  • In 2018, the team expanded the prairie ecology one additional acre and is now 14 acres. The prairie is managed and monitored regularly.
  • The team increased the area of the pollinator garden in 2020 by 460 square feet and replaced plants that had died and supplemented with plants that would attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. The garden is maintained and monitored regularly.
  • The team maintains and monitors 10 bluebird boxes installed in locations throughout the prairie areas of the site.
  • The team replaced the planted landscaping at the front entry with higher habitat value vegetation. The area in maintained and monitored on a regular basis.
  • The team hosted two events that employees participated in: a nature walk on the prairie and a webinar titled "Customizing Conservation at Metroparks Toledo" was presented with Metroparks Toledo. The nature walk generates interest from employees to participate in ongoing biodiversity and sustainability projects both at work and at home. The webinar discussed the unique biodiversity of each park and how they conserve the region's natural resources by protecting and promoting natural, clean, safe open spaces that educate the public on crucial Ohio ecosystems including prairies, pollinating and native plants.