Exelon Corporation

Transmission Right-of-Way

Wilmington, Delaware, United States

Certified through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Pepco Transmission ROW
Integrated Vegetation Management
About the Program
Exelon Corporation, PEPCO Transmission Rights-of-Way (ROW), located in the Baltimore, MD area, includes over 330 miles of electric transmission lines, encompassing 10,000 acres of land. 80 acres are actively managed by Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) at the Patuxent Wildlife Refuge ROW stretch, the remaining ROW also provides natural habitats for flora and fauna. The conservation objective is "The vegetation and associated habitat that remains once the hazards to the electrical system are removed, when properly managed, naturally lends itself to the creation of diverse and useful habitats for a multitude of species along transmission corridors. These habitats are being developed to increase and protect invertebrate biodiversity, specifically pollinator species." Employees are engaged outlining contractor scope of work and ROW management execution. Partners (Anacostia River Business Coalition, Anacostia Watershed Society, Buckmasters, Butterfly Lovers International, City of Bowie, Davey Institute, Edison Electric Institute, Friends of Sligo Creek, International Butterfly Breeders Association, International Society of Arboriculture, Izaak Walton League of America, Maryland Department of Natural Resources – Forest Service, Maryland Department of Natural Resources – Wildlife Division, Maryland Department of Natural Resources – Wildlife Heritage Division, Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, National Wild Turkey Federation, Nature Conservancy – MD/DC Chapter, Patuxent Research Refuge, Patuxent River Commission, Prince George’s County Department of Environmental Resources, Quail Unlimited, Society of American Foresters, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service – BayScapes, and Washington Area Butterfly Club) are engaged in an osprey construction tower, bog protection, conducting surveys, and planting and selecting the best sites for riparian enhancement, and planning  and implementing maintenance actions. Pepco Holdings IVM Pollinator Strategy (PPTX) provides a corporate level commitment specific to IVM. The project also aligns with the Monarch Butterfly Candidate Conservation Agreement with Assurances.
Practices and Impacts
  • The Team reviews and updates as needed a 2012 Vegetation Management Plan.
  • The Team worked with the Refuge to construct an osprey hacking tower at the National Wildlife Visitor Center near the Transmission Vegetation Management demonstration area.
  • The Team installed super silt fences around bog areas for protection, added signs to preclude accidental intrusion, and is managing the site to prevent additional losses.
  • The Team implements riparian enhancement in the improvement of the stream banks, by vegetation or other measures, by stabilizing soils to prevent erosion and sediment transfer into streams, selecting the best sites for riparian enhancement, and planted approximately 250 low-growing trees and plants alongside streams.
  • Sensitive areas are identified as no mow zones, with appropriate signage.
  • Aerial inspections occur twice a year, during the spring and winter for unauthorized activity, erosion, and vegetation problems.
  • Mowing, brush hogging and herbicide treatments of invasive plants are conducted at appropriate times of year.