Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

New Beginnings - The Woodlawn Wildlife Area

Port Deposit, Maryland, United States

Certified Gold through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Bridgestone New Beginnings Forest Management
New Beginnings Grassland
Bridgestone New Beginnings Nest Boxes
New Beginnings Invasive Species Management
Invasive Species Coordinated Approaches
About the Program
The Bridgestone Americas, Inc. New Beginnings - The Woodlawn Wildlife Area is a habitat on a former landfill site in rural Cecil County, Maryland, which is in the northeastern corner of the state. Bridgestone has been maintaining the site for wildlife habitat since the early 2000s. The property features a mix of woodlands, grasslands and wetlands.

Practices and Impacts
  • The team manages about 50 acres of forest solely for wildlife (there is no timber harvest), in accordance with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Stewardship Program. A forest plan is renewed every 15 years. Students and community volunteers are involved in invasive plant removal, partaking in activities like pulling garlic mustard and cutting multiflora rose. A vernal pond was built in the forest to support amphibians, and cover boards were added. Forest monitoring is done by evaluating tree health.
  • In 2001, a set of native grassland plants were planted to support grassland species. The grassland is occasionally mowed, and in 2017 a prescribed burn was done. The grassland is monitored by tracking usage of nest boxes installed on-site for cavity-nesting birds.
  • The team installed 15 nest boxes in 2000, and monitoring data has been collected since then. The nest boxes are located in a restored grassland. A local bird club helps to maintain the boxes, which are checked monthly during the nesting season.
  • The site is accessible to visitors and has a walking trail with informational signage and benches. The trail helps to encourage observation and educates guests about the ecosystems and wildlife in the area.