DTE Energy

Trenton Channel Power Plant

Detroit, Michigan, United States

Certified through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Bat Box Project
About the Program
DTE Energy Trenton Channel Power Plant (TCHPP) also known as the Trenton Stacks, is a coal-burning power station located in Trenton, Michigan. Completed in 1924, it is owned and operated by Detroit Edison, a subsidiary of DTE Energy and located on the Detroit River at the northeastern end of Lake Erie. The site consists of a forest area, pond and 2-acre grassland and connects with the International Wildlife Refuges Humbug Marsh Gateway. TCHPP is implementing a bat conservation project to create important roosting habitat. Employees are engaged in maintenance, monitoring and meetings.

Practices and Impacts
  • In response to a decline of bat populations in recent years in Michigan due to habitat loss and slow reproductive rates, the team installed a bat house to give female bats a safe, warm place to raise their young.
  • The boxes are checked for guano on the ground once a quarter throughout the year and documents findings in a form. 
  • Next steps for the project are to move or adjust the bat box to ensure the habitat will be used.