3M Center

Maplewood, Minnesota, United States

Certified through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Wetland Buffer Management and Turtle Loafing Platforms
Wetlands & Water Bodies

The 3M Center is located in Maplewood, Minnesota about 15 miles east of Minneapolis. The facility encompasses 425 acres of land and is located immediately north of Highway 94, about four miles east of downtown St. Paul. The facility has natural areas to the north, which include a 20-acre pond, 25 acres of wetland and bottomland woods, and 45 acres of open grassland. To the southeast is a 15-acre wooded area. Approximately 80 acres of the site are managed under habitat programs. The conservation objectives are to maintain a natural buffer zone around the wetland area for natural filtration, maintain a habitat free of invasive species and promote wildlife and pollinators.

Practices and Impacts
  • A 35 acre wetland and pond area is maintained with a natural buffer zone allowing for natural filtration. Employees enjoy a wetland habitat full of local wildlife and pollinators.
  • The team maintains the buffer zone around the lake through mowing, invasive species management, litter removal and a stormwater management collection area within the wetland area. 
  • Since 2011, a 5-acre walking path is maintained with native plants including prairie dropseed, little bluestem, white swan coneflower, Indian grass, swamp white oak, butterflyweed, and staghorn sumac.